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Whenever I am consulted as a coach....I want to to hear that individual. Just to-get-to the point, literally, I can cash-in on multiple sessions listening to every coach that person has followed....mind you, a glorified coach with absolutely no background or credentials to show for anything.

At some-point, I learned to limit-venting-time (as you will learn in this article).


They'll bring-in or send a lengthy list (over the course of 2-4 years) of everyone-from-everything ever followed...and still, flabbergasted at every failed attempt.

The battle cry: "That person is doing it and look at them. Why won't this (fill in the blank) work for me? I followed everything they said and it didn't work for me!"

My response: "I know you take interest in that social media person / blogger (or whoever claiming to be an expert).

However, how can you be 100% certain he/she/they (even followed) such a regime?

Truth be told: I know some influencers and not all of them follow what you see/hear them post or say - it's a FRONT!"

Just realize and recognize!

Furthermore, here's another scenario:

YOUTH + DECENT GENETICS = aesthetically pleasing physique.

Anyone who is young (decent genetics) can build & maintain an aesthetically pleasing physique (especially an athlete). Now, add supplements, PEDs, (performance enhancing drugs) and what do you get?

I refer to that as: pharmacological results.


Note: to a certain degree, regardless of steroid use, a person must know the basics and apply it. Steroid use can, in-a-way, act a crutch for (poor nutrition and exercise protocol).

Understand...almost anything may work for them?!

Some of my friends, at the time, consumed junk food / workout occasionally (and still appear fit). Oh, some of them claimed to be a plant-base (or whatever type of expert), but consumed animal base food and beverages - huh, nope, that aspect wasn't shared on any post. Keep in mind, this is not just limited to the plant-base or vegan community - I am also referring to any self-proclaimed, "100% natural-physique-person."

Not every social media influencer or blogger wants you to know that!

Actually, some of them want you to perceive or believe (their results) were accomplished through understanding complex-science base protocols (that they are only privy to).

That's not always the case!

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