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Whenever I am consulted as a coach....I want to to hear that individual. Just to-get-to the point, literally, I can cash-in on multiple sessions listening to every coach that person has followed....mind you, a glorified coach with absolutely no background or credentials to show for anything.

At some-point, I learned to limit-venting-time (as you will learn in this article).


They'll bring-in or send a lengthy list (over the course of 2-4 years) of everyone-from-everything ever followed...and still, flabbergasted at every failed attempt.

The battle cry: "That person is doing it and look at them. Why won't this (fill in the blank) work for me? I followed everything they said and it didn't work for me!"

My response: "I know you take interest in that social media person / blogger (or whoever claiming to be an expert).

However, how can you be 100% certain he/she/they (even followed) such a regime?

Truth be told: I know some influencers and not all of them follow what you see/hear them post or say - it's a FRONT!"

Just realize and recognize!

Furthermore, here's another scenario:

YOUTH + DECENT GENETICS = aesthetically pleasing physique.

Anyone who is young (decent genetics) can build & maintain an aesthetically pleasing physique (especially an athlete). Now, add supplements, PEDs, (performance enhancing drugs) and what do you get?

I refer to that as: pharmacological results.


Note: to a certain degree, regardless of steroid use, a person must know the basics and apply it. Steroid use can, in-a-way, act a crutch for (poor nutrition and exercise protocol).

Understand...almost anything may work for them?!

Some of my friends, at the time, consumed junk food / workout occasionally (and still appear fit). Oh, some of them claimed to be a plant-base (or whatever type of expert), but consumed animal base food and beverages - huh, nope, that aspect wasn't shared on any post. Keep in mind, this is not just limited to the plant-base or vegan community - I am also referring to any self-proclaimed, "100% natural-physique-person."

Not every social media influencer or blogger wants you to know that!

Actually, some of them want you to perceive or believe (their results) were accomplished through understanding complex-science base protocols (that they are only privy to).

That's not always the case!


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MR. DX (Nicky)
MR. DX (Nicky)
Jan 29, 2021

I hear ya Mike. I try not to be the one who regulates stuff. But, yeah, I see so many 20 year olds give advice which is fine...but people over 30 should know better especially if that person has no background (or clueless all together).


Mike .
Mike .
Jan 18, 2021

I’ve seen so many of these online ‘athletic influencers’ peddling these preworkouts or pills as if it truly helped they achieve their bodies. When most of them I followed before and if anything it came from good genetics just mixed with simply dedication to gym. ESP people who were naturally toned or slim before. Kind of irritating which is why I rarely wanna pay for any type of trainers or whatnot. Most people are scamming.

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