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Supplements / tonics on the market….

Supplements / tonics on the market….

Since I promote and market online...I receive proposals regularly and some are real while others are fake - it can be to promote a dietary protocol or supplement line. Because of COVID 19, products are hastened to the market / world wide web.

On social media: I see my contacts / friends sharing products and etc. Some people reach out and want my feedback and so I thought it would be easier to provide a ONE SOURCE report.


Report findings: poor quality - see quality description below.

I was associated with a research and development company for sports, fitness and health professionals. My job as a nutrition educator is to see through media hype as that can help when educating the community. I am, however, a proponent of nutraceuticals.

There's a BOSS FORMULA to everything.

Quality is important!

  1. I examined a decent percent of supplements and tonics on the market.

  2. That includes products promoted online as a virus cure and/or testosterone boosters.

  3. To avoid a timely process and posting lab results - I focus on what's important when considering a supplement or whatever product.

What is important?

+ Lab testing

+ Clinical trials using 3rd party studies

+ Manufactured in pharmaceutically-licensed FDA-regulated & NSF Certified for Sport facilities following cGMPs (good manufacturing practices).

+ Multiple 3rd party tests from raw material to finished product.

The main issue?

Some supplements or products on the market...

- either does not contain whatever active ingredient and/or

- sufficient amount of that active ingredient (or component) shown to be effective

- contain fillers or toxic chemicals

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