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  • Credentials 

Creative artist since birth 

High school: e-school graduate 

College: B.S. Applied Science  

Studied: Nutrition & Exercise Science

NASM: CPT & CNC professional 

Title/position: Fitness Coordinator 

Fitness & Nutritional Consultant 


Home-care aide 

Peer group facilitator


Revised: 05/25/2020

During my adolescence, they defined me as: developmentally handicap and other labels.

I define myself as: a high functioning autistic individual.


Officially, in 1998 (or around that time), I started my journey applying exercise/training & dietary/nutrition protocols; even though, I wasn't necessarily conscious of it - simply, from a dietary stand-point, I experienced food sensitivity and/or intolerances (which was unheard of considering the internet wasn't as accessible). Furthermore, at the time, a decent percent of medical doctors lacked nutrition insight. 


As a teenager, I managed to get into athletics (even though, I disliked sports). Looking back, I believe the physical & competitive aspect/nature of it was a draw and for various reasons. I needed to learn my mind & body as to protect (defend) and understand myself; anyone who is part of the LGBTQ community can relate. I did my best to separate, and sometimes, isolate myself from the environment, but I could not completely avoid potential danger / harassment / bullying. I did, however, train my mind and body and defended myself. Today, I define myself as: a pan-sexual male. 


As a young athlete with food sensitivities and/or intolerances - I had to be selective. At the time...even today, not many doctors / dietitians understand. Therefore, my parents and myself were required to learn - trial and error. 

Soon enough, I found my niche - I purchased textbooks focusing on nutrition & exercise science / herbal medicine. Succinctly, I studied the science aspect (encompassing physiology & nutrition biochemistry) as a means to understand and answer the why/how questions. I have little to no interest in the dietetic industry (or any industry for that matter) unless it's beneficial to any (perspective client) and/or myself. 


Since 2006, I've been active as a personal trainer; locally, I was a private sector personal trainer - soon after, I became a nutritional consultant; mainly, I worked w/ healthy individuals that, want to learn nutrition / fitness - maximize performance (or attain a certain physique).

2010-11: I became an online nutrition/fitness coach. I enrolled and attend a accredited university where I studied dietetics / nutrition & exercise science.


2013-14: I completed additional college level course-work in human performance and/or science base courses. I worked w/ athletes and completed my rotations - soon after, I transferred and/or relocated to California.