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My name is MRDX, I specialize in fitness, holistic nutrition + spiritual alchemy. Also active as a graphic designer, content creator and LGBTQ commUNITY advocate. 



B.S. Applied Science (nutrition/exercise)
Dietetics / DPD verified (didactic program)
Holistic Nutritionist approved by ANMAB

My story

I welcome the LGBTQ community. Hospitality is everything and everyone should feel welcome - mutual respect in terms of energy must be there. My spiritual wellness journey started in my adolescence – my third eye was in tune. I’m a high functioning autistic individual. As a young athlete - there was great potential; with that epiphany, I immersed myself in the study of fitness, food, and nutrition. I became a student coach and helped athletes in physical / sports performance. Soon, in 2006, I crossed over and became a gym/personal trainer. I was coined the go-to-guy whether the person identified as a novice, enthusiast, or looking to get camera ready – whether it be for social media or a special event. I coach individuals – whether 1-on-1, partners and/or group training. With spiritual insight, I purchased books and studied herbology (natural medicine) and was fascinated with plant actives / constituents which helped me understand my health issues – such as: food sensitivity, gastrointestinal (now called ISB: irritable bowel syndrome). Humbly, parents of autistic siblings (family members) / friends would consult my advice. Ostensibly, back then and even now, in general, medical doctors lack nutrition insight – so, assisting someone with autism is rather perplexing?! During my life, I discover few medical doctors who can aid or provide an accommodating wellness program. There are some lifesaving medical doctors (health professionals) on earth, and they’re loved. 1999: A graphic designer was born and I created my personal website. Soon after, I generated an online bodybuilding journal now called a blog. Around 2006/8, I created a YouTube account gaining over 2 million views. It is important to note, this was before blogs and the popularity of social media platforms and that includes paid advertisements (online monetization). This would later merge into content creation and branding. As an artist (content creator) especially on saturated platforms, it’s important to trademark and copyright – IP: intellectual property is an asset worth protecting. I offer consultation as a digital creator – both in content creation and branding. 2000: I attended ECOT: Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (home school). This was to save my life as education is everything. At the time, I was ill informed that, it would never work - such a move was frowned upon; as a teenager, I had to make adult decisions. My third eye and spiritual inner voice guided me with the help of 2 extraordinary individuals – my mother and guidance counselor. I graduated high school – at the time, though, to even mention it in a resume would be an instant rejection. Matter a fact, I faced a lot of discrimination (microaggressions) in and outside the classroom. Nowadays, online courses are the future – technology serves as a tool for education and entertainment. Fortunately, I got a head-start which helps me today – I call that a blessing in disguise. 2006: I joined a local gym and become a private sector personal trainer. I grew a following and built a connection with the community / members at least when fitness was concerned -- the go-to for advice (or to get one camera ready). This helped me build clientele and coach individuals – whether 1-on-1, partners and/or group training. 2009/2010: I attended an accredited university with the intent to learn and understand the why questions and to better serve myself and other individuals - I learned selfcare isn't selfish. CommUNITY and diversity are important and inseparable. I was an undecided major but focused primarily on nutrition and exercise science; I completed courses in Advance Nutrition, Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), Anatomy Physiology, and Exercise Physiology (to name a few). At the time, I became a full-time caregiver of an ill family member which prevented me from pursuing my career (full-time) like everyone else my age. In hindsight, though, it allowed me to appreciate the basic things in life – that’s a gift that remains with me till-the-end. Nutrition biochemistry seemed to get my attention because it was less political…just science. I didn’t care for dietetics or the junk food industry – nor did I want to become a dietitian even though there was a certain level of peer pressure and politics behind the scenes – discrimination in academia is real. During my undergrad, I enrolled in wholistic / holistic courses. Organically, I felt back at home or where I originally started – the lab / kitchen is my home – I possess the power to manifest things in my life. There were a handful of influential online teachers (nutrition professionals or practitioners) – because, at the time, I didn’t have mentors nor a pathway to earn my education. Some professors were kind, helpful, and others were problematic; it was a dilemma, they were aligning themselves with the dietetic industry – that wasn’t my vision or mission. There were, despite that, hospitable individuals that were instrumental (who I remain connected with). I completed my education in nutrition (DPD program in dietetics) and exercise science. 2010-11: Already, I was networking and connecting online. I lived in a rather conservative state all my life and yearned for a place where I can be-myself and have the same liberties as everyone – that includes religious and spiritual beliefs and who I choose in matrimony. I faced hypocritical people (their ideology) control over my spiritual/religious beliefs, education and etc. The internet, for a lot of LGBTQ individuals was, an escape / perhaps a solution to things. 2017: With the universe aligning, I relocated to California. I came up with a strategy to recertify myself manifesto (made it happen) – I completed CEU and earned several certificates in wellness: nutrition, fitness - emphasis on natural health. My specialties are physical fitness, spiritual alchemy, and holistic nutrition. I choose someone in matrimony – I love the basic things in life and what the earth so unselfishly brings to us (hopefully humanity can share such a gift).



CHNC: Certified Holistic Nutritionist Consultant CSNC: Certified Sports Nutritionist Coach

CNC: Certified Nutrition Coach

CPT: Certified Fitness Professional



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