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Nutritional deficiencies!

Published: 01/18/19 | Revised: 03/20/20

This topic of discussion is long overdue. It’s 2019, and still, the public is misinformed by some medical doctors/dietitians.

“You can get everything from a well-balanced diet.”

I ask: “What’s a well-balanced diet? Who’s defining & consuming it?”

I will not bore you with the responses, but I’ll get to the point.

Part of my education was, conducting a comprehensive nutritional / fitness assessment (which includes: a dietary/nutrient analysis).

How does a dietary/nutrient analysis work? Succinctly, I do a 24-hour recall (document foods/beverages I consume and plugin info to get a report). The report shows nutrients levels.

What were my results?

Even as an experienced individual, I was either high or low on certain nutrients. So many factors play into why which I will not cover in this entry. Also, the level of accuracy of certain tools to assess…is questionable. As a nutritionist, I must keep in mind of certain limitations / factors when using any tool to assess (myself).

Could you imagine an ill-informed person (with little to no experience whatsoever) trying to figure this stuff out? What about the type that, scavenges the www (social media / blogs and etc)?! Well, either way, I know from experience because some of them were my clients.

Since the early 2000s, I conducted 1-on-1 sessions covering various topics on nutrition & exercise.

1 area of focus is, nutrient deficiencies. In 2002, I learned the hard way – social media / blogs were not accessible as it is today. Ironically, even back in 2002, I operated an online fitness/nutrition blog; I would document my journey & showcase my progress...implementing, at the time, whatever (dietary/fitness protocol). Over the years, I followed different types of dietary/fitness programs and/or protocols.

Therefore, I am no stranger to the issues that stand.

Anyone can have a vitamin/mineral deficiency and there are underlining reasons worth noting – it can stem from whatever program and/or lifestyle plan someone is following - health related issues - and/or environmental factors. Today, we are under the greatest environmental assault, and I will leave it there.

Important to note: younger individuals may ignore silent symptoms until it becomes an apparent issue.

Often, especially online, I contend/debate with registered dietitians.

Some of them tell me: “If a person meets a caloric set-point – they will get all the nutrients needed for human function.”

Really? You think? Where is your evidence?

Put it to the test – go for an examination and request a full report showing vitamin and mineral levels in the body. Hopefully…the test is up to par to even measure such levels. While we are at it – test the quality of food since we should consider certain factors.

Don’t forget…whatever system maybe flawed, too. Since some doctors (lack the training and are not a nutritionist)…to them, nutrient levels may be insignificant. Here’s an example: let’s say...a person is meeting 60% of nutrient needs – our current system may determine it as meeting a safe-minimum-requirement? What? That should be corrected.

Again, some test can be limited (not up to par) and the average person must consider that. As a result, the report may not be accurate.

Also, I worked as a RHA (registered homecare aide). Some of my clients range in age: 20 to 80. With their permission, of course, I examined medical records. The report itself was either incomplete (or showed moderate to low levels) of key vitamins/mineral in the body.

What am I trying to convey?


So far, I didn’t mention nor call into question any particular diet / fitness protocol. Even if a person is a fitness fanatic and/or nutrichondric – s/he could be under or over on certain key nutrients.

No matter who or what…a system / test that is up to par, can provide a current snap shot to determine what’s wrong or right.

Often enough, I hear people touting superior protocols that will deliver A, B, C, and D – over the years, I’ve acquired enough knowledge/experience to know…certain people can make whatever work while others cannot…regardless of fill in the blank.

My job…really, is to, help a person regain a certain level of balance and awareness – that’s it! A receptive (open minded) person can make that happen. Ask questions and get answers.


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