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Published: 03/19/20 | Revised: 08/01/20

⁉️ My friends ask: "What are your thoughts on the CORONA VIRUS and how are you going about?"

⚠️ There's no 1 solution I am aware of.

1. I try to remain calm and educate myself. I make sure, to my best ability...apply the basics.


+ Limit exposure to any place I am not in control of (whatever environment). Stay home (as I can control that environment). However, I don't cut myself off completely (unless necessary).

+ All around hygiene and cleanliness: if out and about (I bring whatever needed to sanitize (regardless if there's a virus)). With a known-virus-spreading...I am likely to arm myself with whatever: special wipes / spray. I am careful with what I spray (because chemicals can cause respiratory issues along with the virus). Chemicals can make you sick, too. Be aware of ingredients you're exposing yourself to because it can contribute to health issues. I wear a face mask in certain places (or as needed).

+ One's immunity (overall health status) is vital or important. Especially if one has comorbidities (as that's an increase risk factor). Therefore, if one has diabetes or an STD (sexual transmitted disease) that may lower one's immunity and overall health status.

+ My status doesn't reflect someone else's (therefore,  I am cautious of exposing myself to others). Some people maybe vulnerable due to: age, genetics (or just poor immunity). I protect them and myself by practicing social distance (when necessary).

+ Overall nutritional status can help mitigate. I don't look at nutrition as a cure but as a way to provide my body w/ the necessary components (nutrients) to mount a defense pre, during, and post...simply stated.

+ I continue to listen and learn from scientist (and qualified wellness practitioners). NOT glorified TV doctors or mediocre medical doctors / dietitians.

Note: Here, I provided basics (as this is a condensed version of what I do). I don't claim to have 1 solution. I do what's in my control, and what I've learned (from studying/learning science in terms of wellness). I studied the immune system (encompassing nutrition - whether through food or supplementation); I am, however, NO expert in the area of immunology.

Actual FOOD and/or vitamin/mineral & herbal supplementation:

Active hexose correlated compound (AHCC)

Astragalus (1 capsule of 300-400mgs per-day)

Vitamin A ( 5,000 to 10,000IU per-day)

Vitamin D3 (3,000 to 4,000IU per-day)

Vitamin C (500mgs to 2000mgs per-day)

Elder Berry

Echinacea (1 capsule of 200-400mgs per-day)

Garlic extract

Zinc (25-30mgs per-day)

Note: quality & dosage is important - dosage varies from person-to-person.

The dosage per-day should be adjusted by a qualified practitioner.

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Jul 13, 2022

Awesome man! Thanks for sharing.

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