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P1: IIFYMs & flexible dieting?

Published: 8/1/2017 | Revised: 7/19/2021

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I published a webinar on this very topic; I’ll give some descriptors / keywords / hashtags.

If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYMs) isn’t anything new – as I told someone who DM/ed me, young-fitness-minded people on social media..recycled / redefined it.

Furthermore, ever hear bodybuilders say, “cheat days?”

Now…it’s cheat everyday and boast about it w/ friends! Binge party time!

Because, social media seems to boast about must work for everyone? No?

Here's what to consider....

✔ who / why –

✔ who’s promoting this system?

I’ll leave it here for right now.

Actually, our parents followed this common protocol. So, no…social media did NOT create it..again, like a lot of things …recycled into a metabolic-wrecking-ball (disguised as a fit-all-type).

What do I mean… our parents followed before us?

Well, first of all, let me define: IIFYM / protocol…it’s based on a caloric-setpoint

example: a caloric-setpoint: 2,000 calories per day..he or she should not exceed it.

Now, flexible dieting is conjoined w/ IIFYM. Flexible dieting just means…s/he consumes junk food – NOT exceeding the (cookie cutter) caloric-setpoint! So, again, it’s a cheat-day, every day!

Now, what did I mean…our parents approach? WAS I SERIOUS?

Yea! If you understand the protocol…you’ll notice the premise, calories in / out approach to weight loss / management.

How many of a certain age (let’s not forget genetics and all things)…are successful w/ calories in and out approach?

Well, I can testify w/ a vast body of evidence and experience…not many! Each person has a story / genetic profile and reasoning for doing something.

What are the outcomes? Why’s this bad?

Because, there’s more focus on calories than actual-quality-food. In my experience: some people create a caloric deficit through: dietary and exercise. Or, some individuals over-consume junk-food and create a micronutrient deficiency.

Yes, this happens when focusing on…just calories!

As I told my friend, “focusing on just calories…takes responsibility away from making better choices.”

As a result: I see people w/ micronutrient deficiencies and eating disorders! Some people over or under-eat.

Ouch, what a metabolic-wrecking-ball!

What makes it even worse?

Some doctors and registered dietitians push (common protocols) for weight loss / management. And, some of them have the audacity to criticize (informed people) by calling them…orthorexic! Smh.

Again, our parents were a victim of (inadequate nutrition / dietary advice). I doubt it served them well, and I doubt it will serve you well.

The best way to lose weight and sustain… create a caloric deficit?

Sometimes, however, simplifying it to just calories..can create a biochemical disaster = a metabolic-wrecking-ball = metabolic stress / damage. So, to answer your question, I doubt this is sustainable, and beneficial.


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