Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Published: 11/12/18 | Revised: 03/20/20

There are a lot of things that cause weight gain (increase in fat mass). This article is based on my experience working w/ clients - their common tendencies. Therefore, most of them had to greatly reduce or remove the following (6-12 months to see results).

Sabotage foods converted into or marketed as fitness/health foods: some individuals consume cereal bars (to reduce fat mass), and for whatever reason, that method didn't work. Therefore, the list below may hit a core w/ some people. If you can eat the following and remain fit - that's you and you're not the majority.

After greatly reducing / removing the following....

Some of them reported positive things: reduce in hunger / body fat, balanced/improved blood sugar (A1C), and well-functioning digestive & gastrointestinal system (reduced bloatedness / gut distention).

I hear: "Foods and beverages are not addictive."

That's inaccurate.

Click here: read my article on how food has changed.

Top food and beverages:

Alcohol beverages

Sugary-caffeinated beverages (energy drinks)


Potato chips

Standard cereal products

Standard bread

Standard cakes (bake goods)

Decent % of grain products

Decent % of wheat products

Credit: "sabotage food," David Getoff.

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