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Why am I failing to make progress?

Social media, self proclaimed experts / gurus make their followers believe it's a quick and easy process. That is, get fit, lose bodyfat, and increase muscle mass in no time. That's not always the truth, self explanatory.

Here's the reality....

Where you are physically (hormonally) determines how long it will take to reach certain physique or fitness goals - often, however, my clients set unrealistic goals and results vary.

I learned (wrong/right) ways — trial and error.

Q: What stops someone from making progress? A: The individual and people in hodgepodge mode — example: social media and inaccurate info….or a set of recommendations that do not apply to the individual. I see people copy certain exercises or dietary advice without the know how or why.

Example: someone who is natural copying off of a self-proclaimed natural bodybuilder or model.

Q: Can I design my own plans? A: I cannot answer for sure. From experience, I find it best to consult a professional. I feel technology has given people a false sense of reality - a DIY (do it yourself) mentality with no help or guidance. I see so many with devices and apps but no results to show for it.

The fact of the matter, everyone needs help in something. Again, it’s trial and error. I believe…it requires time to learn how things work before DIY. Nowadays, people use social media as a credible source without question and that’s not always wise.

Q: How do you document or track your progress? A: I collect objective data: anthropometric measurements (upper and lower body circumstance). I weigh myself on a monthly basis and capture photos/videos.


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