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Stubborn bodyfat a real thing?


Yes, there is such a thing as stubborn belly fat – it can be good and bad, though.

Healthy people have adipose tissue (fat).

Functions (fat cells ARE NOT DORMANT!)

+ acts as a reservoir (a storage unit for toxins and as an energy source); with that noted, hormones are involved, too.

+ Healthy individuals: hormonal profile is balanced…and as a result, s/he can lose body fat and retain muscle mass.

- Unhealthy individuals: (who are compromised, and therefore, imbalanced)…wound healing, fat burning, and muscle building is at a slower-rate.

Some individuals say: “I exercise and diet. I notice no difference whatsoever.”

Why do I have stubborn belly fat?

It’s important to know…this varies from person-to-person. As a personal trainer…I noticed variations as you can imagine. Unfortunately, some individuals are burden w/ toxins, poor immunity / hormonal issues, and etc.

In some instances, as a protective mechanism, the body harbors fat.

Some experts claim: “A low calorie diet can slow the metabolism.”

That’s another instance of why individuals cannot reduce fat in problem areas. 

However, toxic-burden fat protects the body, too – it’s a double edge sword.

Is exercise enough?

Even w/ exercise…it may not be enough to correct the underlining issue.

Do environmental factors play a role?

Yes, there are certain things that act as hormone memetics (estrogen) – certain memetics can cause hormone imbalances (halting / slowing down the ability to burn fat).

Does dietary protocols work?

YES. However, the average diet will not be effective.

A personalized dietary (supplementary) protocol can HELP improve and balance the body. Other therapies may be needed for wellness.

What type of dietary protocol?

That question goes beyond the scope of this post – we’re common but different. Some individuals may have gastrointestinal issues, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances – also, genetics (a low tolerance to certain things) plays a role.

What a individual is exposed to: herbicides (chemicals / toxins) – so, it’s not one’s a whole host of things and it’s accumulative.

As a result: the body either tries to get rid or will store it.

A registered dietitian (RD) assured me I get all nutrients through dietary means.

I have performed many nutrient analysis (implementing similar tools as an RD) – it’s not always accurate for that individual (it’s important to consider multiple snap-shots…not just one picture) – Even if done correctly…there’s a certain level of error that needs to be considered..adjusted..or ignored.

Furthermore, it’s important to consider labs – not just one lab result.

From a dietary stand point: some RDs prescribe ineffective diet plans - that is a recipe for disaster (makes a small problem a bigger one in the-long-run).


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