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Why is nutrition so political and fitness isn’t?

Published: 02/10/19 | Revised: 09/26/19


Food politics!

Food companies, agriculture / biotech industry…just to name a few. The fitness industry is cashing in, too. With that said, you don’t see certain groups trying to stop a yoga instructor as-much-as a (non-RDN) / nutritional consultant and/or health coach.

Just to be fair, if you ask someone who holds an advance degree in exercise science: “Should a non-degree personal trainer…train people?” I can only presume the answer would be, no. I’ll let others decide that, though.

In the USA & abroad: certain groups try to limit the free-flow-of-information and that’s a fact; succinctly, lessen the competition (under the guise of protecting the public). Not every average RDN wants to compete with a nutritional consultant (who has a larger following / clientele) – therefore, a cease and desist letter will be in order.

Now, if you visited my website and looked over some of my articles…this is rather repetitive and nothing new. Technology: social media / blogs renew this topic of discussion.

Trust me, certain groups are very much aware because the spotlight is no longer on them anymore (unless it’s in a negative sense) – they are no longer regarded as: the primary nutrition expert. As a result, they want power and authority to stop or limit your choices (that includes online social media groups and/or blogs).

How you ask? Create laws (regulations) to prevent others from offering any type (specifically, nutrition / supplemental advice). Basically, assign 1 authority and/or group. A licenses dietitian can be ignorant, and therefore, provide / put out deceptive and/or false information. By the way, this is not an opinion…it is a fact and on record.

Even on social media, certain online RDN groups tend to blindly push stuff to less informed individuals – some RDNs may claim the following:

Food is not medicine.

A calorie is a calorie.

Stevia is the same as aspartame.

Milk products are completely safe.

All chemicals in food are safe.

MSG is completely safe.

Fructose is the same as glucose.

Leaky gut does not exist.

Himalayan salt is the same as table salt.

Organic is the same as conventional farming.

Organic has the same nutritional value as conventional methods.

Organic and GMOs are the same.

GMO and non-GMO are the same.

There is no such thing as good or bad food.

Bad foods…are just misunderstood foods.

Foods / beverages are not addictive.

AND the list goes on....

Keep in mind, the food & beverage industry has embedded itself in scientific studies (also referred to as: fake science). So, certain outcomes are not only deceptive, but often questionable.

RDNs tend to parrot from questionable sources and/or studies – some RDNs act as a mouth piece: “We pull from evidence base sources.” That is rather deceptive, but true – however, Coca Cola will go to any measure to fund a study so that it is, in fact, setup.

Just imagine...a team working together to get whatever outcome.


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