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Looks can be deceiving – especially in the fitness & nutrition digital world.

I am a millennial, and so – I grew up w/ physical magazines, books, and etc. Today, I refer to magazines (mainstream media as a controlled system w/ little options…and that is, the way they like it.

Today, things are a bit different, but similarly, they’re trying to control / censor (lessen the competition...because it’s easier to manipulate). Anyway, as I write this is important to note: social media / personal websites and/or blogs (are mainly a source for entertainment & education).

A decent percent of people who contact me tend to emulate a fitness star / strength coach of some sort (whether it be in the physical or digital world). They not only admire, but also, aspire to be that person - they hitch their wagon to that star but get lost in the process. At some point, that person contacts me - I presume w/ the question of….”Nicholas, what am I doing wrong?” I refer to this as a….querent moment.

Truth is, I have spent countless hours per session explaining how/why, but again, some people are just conditioned / programmed - in a spell bind. So, succinctly, I say: “Looks can be deceiving – especially in the fitness & nutrition digital world." Do you watch / listen to the news and believe everything? Do you believe everything you read & hear?

If the answer is, no – why believe someone on social media w/ out doing the proper research?

Again, some people are speechless and make no sense. So, I must show them reality.

- Your fitness star may not be an expert or professional in whatever field.

- He/she may claim…whether it be a vegan, paleo, keto…whatever trendy label/title/hashtag…but it may be a false claim to catalyze something – possible publicity and/or a career.

** I am not putting out hypotheticals here - I experienced this by working w/ enough people to know the facts that remain...who claim to be but are not. On the surface or through posting pictures/videos on the internet - any clever / cunning person or group can devise - it's form of art and/or entertainment.**


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