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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Published: 2011 | Revised: 01/23/19

"This is not something to forget but to reflect on."

I document (write & record audios/videos) of my experience in the academic setting which extends to the early 2000s (high-school & college). I thought it would be wise to provide an overview, and therefore: I titled it...Academia (to provide a significant amount of coverage).

I'll organize by providing links to specific areas of interest.

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I completed my education in both nutrition (dietetics) and exercise science.

Therefore, I reflect on certain experiences.

Dietetics food lab (luncheon).

As a student in dietetics: at times, I was out-spoken...pointing out inconsistencies, conflicts of interest and all things w/ the American Dietetic Association (now called: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics). In Dietetics (and the academic setting)...that is frowned upon..

I focused on a post and videos titled: Men in Dietetics, click here.

We were conducting experiments (and documenting perceived exertion).

I constructed this entry in (2011). Whether a person is a graduate or undergraduate...I wanted this to be...you are not alone type of entry; so, when reading/listening, there maybe a certain level of entertainment and education. Originally, this entry was titled: Professors who brag…but cannot teach! However, there are layers worth peeling. Few would openly disclose and discuss issues on the inside...especially...if someone's academic career is at cost. Some people build an academic career through an approval system of: brown-nosing and etc.

"Politics (and one's socioeconomic) status plays a profound role on who gets pushed to the top and who remains there."
I made the Dean’s as one of the university’s high achieving students.

I was advised NOT to share nor speak of my experience. Because...I performed considerably well, and could possibly, have a strong career as: a dietitian and/or personal trainer.

"Why jeopardize that?"

Therefore, I was directed NOT to point out conflicts of interest and poor protocols....makes the profession look bad, and I would be an outcast and/or blackballed; also, I was informed: no professor will support you - that includes: letter of recommendation and etc . Now, any student who wants to apply for program, will most likely, need support - it does not get any easier moving forward (unless someone is pushing a new face so-to-speak).

I was not that guy everyone liked or agreed w/ either - badge of honor.

I feel that's the problem w/ our educational system. Yes, I admit...there's backlash. I did lose respect from some educators and they would NOT associate w/ me - I was ostracized. I took it in stride and made the Dean’s as one of the university’s high achieving students (w/ perfect attendance). I focused on my goals (not industry goals of how I should be).

Additionally, I was the go-to-guy and recommended tutor; I helped students better understand nutrition biochemistry and physiology. No one can take that away from me. W/ hard work and dedication...I managed to earn letters of recommendation. Furthermore, since the early 2000s, I've been working as a fitness & nutritional consultant.