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"Learn from a real person who is actually doing it himself! Not a celebrity who pays everyone to do it and pretending to know everything. He's the real deal and knows his stuff. I recommend him."




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+ First use of name
​+ Domain registry 
+ Social media handles 
+ IP registry (own stuff) 
+ Social media marketing
+ Content creation  


Logo and stylized word marks are like the face of one's business. One must be mindful when creating such a piece of IP (intellectual property) because it will be used to give ones brand or business an identity. 

BOSS FORMULA consult session

+ Brainstorming / ideas

+ Custom Creation 

+ Upgrades and/or edits 

Cost: $60/hr (the price range depends on multiple factors. 

One's official website is the online source of a brand and/or business. There's a certain level of simpleness and complexity to building a online presence (which in part, is the overall website. 

Cost: $900-3000 (the price range depends on multiple factors. 

- Trademark protection should be a priority when starting a brand or business. Commonly, individuals will register a domain name or social media account and assume that translates or converts to ownership - that is false. 1. it's important to check whether the name is active or in use. 2. An United States Trademark Registration is ideal when claiming an asset. Trademark Assets are often referred to as trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, and slogans.


- Logo creation when using free applications or websites such as Canva. In a decent percent of cases, individuals were unsuccessful in obtaining a registration. If anything, they were committing IP (intellectual property) infringement. 

- IP infringement occurs both intentionally, and sometimes, mistakenly. The Digital World or Metaverse has taken graphic design or digital creation to another level. Therefore, there's frequent mis-use or infringement of (IP) such as images, videos, and music. If a small brand or business commits infringement - this may result in rebranding which is costly. 

- AI technology, as a business, it's important to consider the risks vs benefits. 1. if one is using AI for strictly commercial use and to profit (it's important to understand how each AI tool works). Succinctly, an AI image generator may use IP material without permission (from the copyright owner). This is can be risky because the IP owner can file a lawsuit of infringement. Therefore, don't rely on AI to generate photography, graphics / logos, unless certain it's not one's IP property. An AI chatbot maybe helpful to assist consumers or responding to messages. 



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Young Dancer


I found your video of all places on tiktok rolling my eyes. I am a mom and have to say you are right. I was the DIY type and finally figured out nope im not a graphic designer neither a marketing expert just cause I watch a video on tiktok. Your videos were down to earth and help me to delegate cause it saves $ and time. I recommend and shared your videos.Thank you!

A Young Woman Sitting on a Balcony


Yup your videos were extremely helpful and by someone whos LGBTQIA! Recommend to friends who are leveling up. I love it! Your videos spoke to me. I was one of them trustin types and did not research and out over $400. That may not seem like a lot but it is when you don't have it. Your video taught me to treat this journey as a business. Get my contract and terms of agreement together. Haha!

Trainer with Black Top


What I like most is that your real and not someone buddy who inherited everything and pretending to know it all! You keep it real! You do your stuff and work with some interesting people. I watch your videos on branding and wait till the next one so I have to show some love.

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