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Your results don’t matter!

Published: 11/20/2018 | Revised: 1/1/2019

On a regular basis, I see/hear someone discussing wellness / fitness - since 2005, I’ve worked w/ and helped individuals reach personal goals. And..I can tell you…THEIR results matter!

However, I was advised by certain groups: “NO, THEIR RESULTS DO NOT MATTER!”

On social media alone, I contend w/ self-proclaimed experts (who are associated w/ the dietetic / medical industry). Some of them have the tendency to mock / intimidate / put others down for not following the cookie-cutter way (designed by the dietetic / medical industry).

Dietetic / medical industry: ”It’s anecdotal evidence.”

My response: “if they’re healthy & fit (based on an assessment and lab data)…that’s what truly matters. Where is your client-case studies? How are your clients doing following YOUR recommendations?”

Soon, I receive snip bits from or (as if that applies to real people).

My main rebuttal: "don't point to studies as YOUR work...what are YOUR results from applying it? Did your clients / patients make any progress? What was the level of effectiveness?"

90% are a fickle type and cannot produce concrete evidence (but want to boast about working 20+ years as a fill in the blank).

Oddly enough, some people in the dietetic / medical industry feel they don’t have to prove anything – their degree / credentials mean THEY KNOW EVERYTHING.

At times, some dietitians respond out of frustration...

and will go down the bunny trail of diagnosing people as: orthorexic. And…then….back track to feeling body-shamed themselves. What? Talk about a fickle type!

First, you cannot diagnose people (especially if it’s not within your scope).

Second, do not put-down others in the fitness industry who are doing good work (that you fail to produce in the first place).

Third, stop being facetious!



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