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Why the titles: registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), holistic nutritionist (HN), health coach...

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Published: 08/20/17 | Revised: 03/28/20

Did you know…a registered dietitian (RD) can be a health coach…? It's important to go beyond the title.

Consider a persons background!

Consider the following: 1. Education (edu)

2. Politics (food / health is just that…politics)

3. Business (a financial narrative) Any business-minded-person has a fiduciary responsibility.

4. Control (industry based to drive profits) Monopolizing….limits choice by obtaining exclusive possession or control of (a trade, commodity, or service).

Our safety? Example: some RDNs feel….an (unqualified) nutritionist can cause harm. 

Nutritionist...isn’t a registered (regulated / protected) term or title. 

So, technically, anyone can use the title, nutritionist.

However, there’s another side…. Example: some RDNs do not want to compete w/ other qualified nutritionist (non-RDs).

See how complex this can get?

There’s a financial narrative (it’s about protecting profits).

So, dietitians may push an RDN act: to strictly allow & only permit RDNs to practice / provide (nutrition advice / services) – which controls and limits the free-flow-of-info; therefore, monopolizing an industry (including the internet) and restricting non-RDs.

Common accusations worth noting: 

The term / title, nutritionist / health coach (HC) is NOT regulated....

– However, almost everyone has a title — how can someone market w/ out one?

HCs spread misinformation, right?

– Actually, anyone can be misinformed…

– that includes: RDNs and MDs.

Some RDs feel (HCs are trying to sell stuff)...is that true?

– RDs are no different – they push industry-based-protocols (a profit system).

– For many years, the Dietetic industry was funded by junk-food sponsors.

If you don’t understand..there was a conflict of interest and unethical acts.

Example: Coronary Heart Disease Policy.

Example: Edible Oil Industry.

Example: Craft cheese.

Example: Coca-Cola Company.

Due to public scrutiny: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) parted ways w/ some junk food sponsors. Some Dietitians were outraged.

Which one is better?!

I don’t know…you tell me…who benefits?

– HC / RD or the patient / client?

It’s the same act perpetrated by both subjects (in a similar industry).