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What sets you apart from a dietitian?

Published: 08/1/2017 | Revised: 09/23/2018

Visitor message:

Nicholas, I checked out your webinars and everything. Impressive stuff bud! I must ask because maybe I am brained washed. You are not a registered dietitian. My friend is a dietitian and I told her about your website. She says you don’t know what you are talking about but I disagreed. HAHA. I know she’s wrong because I tried some of your advice with remarkable success. Please explain what sets you apart from a dietitian?

Admins response: I appreciate your feedback, and I’d like to clarify…systematically.

1. Your friend doesn’t know me…correct? If she does not…

2. I encourage her to research / or inquire – I am open to questions. However, that would require time/work on her part, and I doubt she’s accustom to that. She may have a bias / agenda? If she wants to communicate – send me an email.

3. She claims: “I don’t know my stuff so-to-speak.” If true, please, I would like to see evidence of just that? Furthermore, if she knows her stuff…any evidence? I think that’s a fair start.

4. Furthermore, I completed (passed w/ satisfactory) college level courses, at an accredited university (the same courses she completed) – publicly, I submitted my academic transcripts.

5. Will she (publicly) submit her academic transcripts — client reviews/ratings & transformations? Does she have the following to validate, anything? I’m open to see the slightest bit of credibility…and transparency.

6. I think the problem stems from a title choice. I guess she was indoctrinated and has a sense of entitlement? Did her professors teach this type of attitude? Does she not have a responsibility to present facts over bias opinions? The only thing she’s entitled to is…an opinion – not facts!

7. A title doesn’t make any entity factual or legit – it’s a title and everyone has one. I use the term: nutritionist, holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, virtual trainer, and coach. Here, she uses, RDN – how accurate is her advice? How factual are her claims on me..and my advice? Personally, I don’t claim to be 100% accurate, but I have very few to no complaints. I can provide visitor compliments or feedback (visit my website and examine for yourself). I’ve had an active website for over 10 years, and I have no serious complaints:

✔ if anything, visitors donate to keep my website online.

✔ also, I have a clear disclaimer – it’s a disclosure of what I am, and what I am NOT.

8. I give a certain level of transparency. I feel she can use lessons in just that.

9. Personally, yes, I speak-up, and maybe – she doesn’t like the free-flow of info. There’s a certain level of fascism (monopolizing an industry / preventing basic freedoms…which extends to the www).

✔ Yes, people have an agenda – she, however, has an agenda, too.

✔ She’s no different from any shady personal trainer… really. She’s no different from a prostitute, either – she’s a whore to the dietetic industry. She just has a different title (which costed a hefty price). Note: men and women can be a whore – sorry guys…you’re not excluded (and nor am I).

10. I speak-up, and I had to learn: my title / edu (and etc) doesn’t make me better than anyone – actions do! What I systemically mentioned / elaborated on… is germane.


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