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Vitamin store: trust their advice?

​Published: 8/20/17 | Revised: 9/23/18

Question: should I trust a sales associate with advice on bodybuilding and nutrient needs?

  1. Some may hold an education in…nutrition / exercise science.

  2. However, some individuals hold a legit education in….business / English.

Personally, I rather consider advice from someone who has experience in, fill in the blank.

Usually, people don’t visit a health food store for business advice.

– They assume….the person behind the desk has a legit-health-education / experience. 

However, that’s not always true

Personally: I would consider opinions, but I would not follow (unless s/he can provide evidence of effectiveness). With that noted, some individuals have potential to gain knowledge.

No training whatsoever?

  1. It depends on the store and all things.

  2. Some individuals may receive on-job-training – completing computerized (possibly..unmonitored – open book) exams…

  3. Some branches/stores provide answer key to exams.

  4. Glancing over-research literature.

What’s the down-side?

  • If open book is permitted while taking an exam…or answer key is provided…

  1. it requires less effort, minimal understanding of fill in the blank.

  2. On-site job training (by an unqualified individual)?!

  3.  Most importantly, almost anyone I know can pass an open book exam.

A business minded person preaching vitamin/mineral metabolism?

  1. Glancing does not equate to an understanding in anything.

In my experience: typically, it requires 3-4 years and some more… (to intuitively understand) nutrition science (and research literature). If a person doesn’t understand medical-science-terms…it’s incomprehensible.

So, I ask…do you want advice from someone who doesn’t understand?

Do you want to pay for that lack of understanding?

If yes, I respect your choice. I would consider the following:

– Many who waste $100s if not $1000s of dollars.

– Side effects from whatever ergogenic (supplement).

A person who lacks an understanding does not think about…drug-nutrient interaction.

A business minded person has a fiduciary responsibility..,sale what’s in that fuckin store. 


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