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Should I hire a coach based on followers?

Published: 8/2/17 / Revised: 9/23/18

No. Please consider the following before wasting time/money!

What to consider?

✓ A trust worthy source / individual.

✓ Hire based on background and experience.

✓ S/he should have a personal website (not just a social media account).

Why? Think about it! Anyone can create a social media account w/ out providing accurate details.

W/ a personal’s important to consider the following:

✓ Personal domain name – example:

– BE CAUTIOUS of questionable links – example:

✓ Actual (real) material of the coach (videos and pics).

✓ Material should be water-marked w/ actual logo.

Why? A legit admin / owner must use:

✓ Name and contact information to register a domain name..

Visitors can look up a personal website and examine:

✓ One’s track record (history / longevity).

✓ Consistency (previous post/material related to fill in the blank).

✓ Location (origin / country). And etc….

Ok, now, I am going to shock you w/ social media!

1. True: a social media account can go through a verification process.

– It’s not uncommon for a team to host whatever account.

– Really think you’re chatting w/ that fitness star? Possibly not!

2. Wait, most importantly, a lot of models (act as coaches / health specialist).

Reality: not all models have a legit background in fitness / nutrition. Reality: some copy-paste plans that are NOT personalized!

3. Some are paid followers to: comment / like and etc.

What? Yes, some of the likes / comments are staged.

4. Untrustworthy testimonials / video reviews.

– Some models are compensated to strictly provide positive reviews.

– What company would pay for (possible) negative review$ & risk losing money?

Sold yet? How do I know this?

✓ Come on, I’ve been active behind the scenes for years.

✓ I support and respect human-beings.

✓ Plus, companies (yes, companies) wanted to buy me.

– However, I negotiate (and want a certain level of legitimacy).

– Models don’t care nor understand all of that!

✓ I’m for making a living or profit (minus fraudulent acts).

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