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Published: 08/23/17 | Revised: 09/23/18

"Nick, my medical doctor says it’s all about the calories?"

I suggest the following to your weight-loss medical doctor (MD):

If need-be, go back to school and consider…

+ Re-educate on chemical / mechanical digestion.

+ Focus on: micro/mac nutrient profile of fill in the blank.

+ Complete courses in nutrition biochemistry.

+ Consider before / after results / outcomes.

Where’s his / her evidence of effectiveness? 

He says..."it’s good to create a deficit."

I consider that to be inadequate…why?

  • It takes away responsibility and accountability (from the following above).

  1. Some MDs (even RDs) focus on calories in-out approach because it requires less work on their part.

  2. However, nutrition biochemistry isn’t that simple and requires more time to understand someone's chemistry.

  3. Furthermore, choosing foods based on calories (takes focus away from food-quality = micro-nutrients).

  • Not sustainable.

  1. A high % cannot sustain on a low-calorie diet (consider: micro/macro nutrients).

  2. It’s important to consider where calories are derived from.

  • It’s a metabolic-wrecking-ball!

Now, however, there’s a timeline to consider.

  • In the beginning, s/he may experience weight loss…

  • However, as time progresses, what type of weight loss…water / muscle / fat?

- one's progress or lack thereof should be assessed. ​

After 6 months to a year…what’s the outcome?

In my experience: a low % can sustain, and therefore, it's to his/er detriment. 

Yo-Yo dieting and nutrition deficiencies should be addressed and avoided.  

At your age…do you see yourself in constant starvation + strenuous exercise?

"My MD says I need to work out and diet?"

That’ll create a greater deficit – how?

  • Micro / macro nutrient deficiencies.

  • Again, metabolic-wrecking-ball!​​

"My MD says: I should get all my nutrients from a well balance diet!"

  1. What’s a well-balance diet?

  2. Based on who/what definition…criteria?

  3. Who’s designing this well balance plan?

A well-balanced plan should not create a constant deficit. ​

A well-balance diet should not be based solely on calories! 

How does your MD measure this?

  • Test / labs?

Again, long-term…where’s the evidence to support whatever claim?

+ Client case-studies.

+ Transformation footage.

+ Legit reviews / testimonials.

Most importantly….consider your MDs education…

? what his / her training…

? in what field ?


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