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How to SPOT a bad dietitian?

Published: 11/09/2018 | Revised: 1/1/2019

There are good and bad dietitians marketing them-self as a wellness / fitness / diabetic educator of some sort. Through-out my time as an undergrad (and my years as a personal trainer)...I encountered this type on a regular basis. I thought to share some key points or things almost every bad dietitian says.

"You'll get all your nutrition from a well balanced diet (based on a caloric set-point)."

What's a well balanced diet...based on who's definition? I've conducted many dietary/nutrient analysis and discovered differently. Furthermore, calories (or a caloric set-point) does not always equate to quality (or proper nutrition).

"Eat a diet high in grains."

Counter productive -- this can cause blood sugar imbalances.

Also, some individuals cannot tolerate grains for various reasons.

"For someone looking to lose a low fat diet and high in carbs."

A recipe for disaster! Balance is key! A low fat diet has not solved the obesity epidemic or crisis in this country (since 1990). Furthermore, it's important to define carbohydrates and fats based on foods.

"A calorie is a calorie no matter the food."

What a deceptive claim w/ out any supporting detail that relates to reality (and how the body works from a biochemical standpoint). This type of advice or claim encourages poor patterns. If s/he eats or consumes based on a certain caloric set-point: junk food vs quality food...I guarantee there will be a difference. However, a calorie a calorie burned. A calorie eaten is a different story.

"Eat/drink everything moderately ."

An alcoholic cannot drink alcohol moderately. Also, moderation and addiction do not coexist. The same premise w/ certain foods.

Now, you can SPOT a bad dietitian.


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