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Do medical doctors know nutrition?

Published: 01/24/19 | Revised: 03/27/19

Some of my clients often assume so – I must re-advise.

Doctors, over a span-of-time, complete…approximately: 16 to 20 hours of nutrition education. What they do after…is unknown – some doctors, in some way, may go back to school or review nutrition/exercise literature.

Careful, do not walk into MDs office assuming they know-all (when wellness is concerned) – the average doctor does not know nutraceuticals (supplementation) and nor does the average dietitian! During my years as a care giver (RHA), I attended doctor appointments (as a receptive advocate); some doctors do, in fact, offer poor (sometimes inaccurate) wellness (nutrition/exercise) advice. Usually, I dislike using the word, most – MOST of my overweight clients…were a victim of poor advice.

If we lived in a fair country – some doctors would be reprimanded.

Think about: during an appointment, how much 1-on-1 time is there? Maybe, 15-20 minutes.

Some doctors may not refer patients to a qualified nutritionist.

Some of my clients walk out w/ no realistic solution that applies to real people.

Some of them remain nutrient deficient for years.

I heard the doctor say: “Don’t eat anything that looks white. Agave nectar is good because it’s low in glucose. Don’t take supplements because it’s bad and not regulated by the FDA.”

Maybe 1-2 statement was true but deceptive – supplements are not regulated by the FDA.

What about common drugs that are regulated and prescribed?

Some drugs are bad and can cause liver issues (even if it’s regulated and taken as prescribed). Specifically, statin drugs can cause and/or alter the chemistry of the mind/body – some individuals may face hormonal and neurological issues – 1 issue I commonly see is, rhabdomyolysis; rhabdomyolysis is a serious syndrome due to a direct or indirect muscle injury (webmd); furthermore, individuals who do not seek advice from a qualified nutritionist may face vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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