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When it concerns nutrition or dietary recommendations: if I am in a debate w/ a medical (MD) doctor and/or dietitian (RD) –

usually, they will say so eloquently, “Everything in moderation.”

My response: “Should an alcoholic consume alcohol moderately? If a person is overweight and/or obese…why recommend something to someone that may trigger him or her?”

The responses are farcical: “Nicholas, to compare alcohol to junk food is silly. Junk food is not addictive!”

Ohhh contrary and presumptuous of you! You should consider someone’s inability / lack of control - compelled (when around junk food & beverages: cakes, donuts, candies, sugary beverages, and etc – everyone has a weakness, so therefore, consuming whatever moderately would NOT BE recommended (unless noted).

I replied to this self-proclaimed nutrition know-it-all, “STOP giving poor advice just because it feeds into your problem – so you want to make it everyone else’s problem.”

She went off on a tangent referring to us as, “fear-mongers!”

I referred to her/him as a enabling shill!

To make life easy: I politely asked, “Please provide evidence that your recommendations are…indeed…correct and/or effective.”

90% of the time, someone will send research articles (results that are not of their own-just-to-say, “Gotcha! You’re wrong…here it is.”

Hm, I wonder who sponsored this one? Guess what, that’s not YOUR evidence, and therefore, it does not APPLY to the real world (and most certainly, not your clients and/or patients).

My response is simple: “If we sit down and talk about how something is metabolized (and works) in the body...I may consider certain points.”

Again, because this deals w/ nutrition biochemistry – very few want to even entertain such a subject – even self-proclaimed experts astray…it is much easier to send snip bits from

As an example: with one stroke of the brush – fructose is the same as glucose…really, I can prove differently. Same thing w/ nutrition/dietary recommendations, the term: moderation – we must be careful w/ what we label as an addiction. If that’s the case, we should be careful w/ what we recommend moderately (to those w/ low inhibitions in the first place).

Additionally, what we call: food / beverages - it can be engineered in such a way, and therefore, the term moderation may not apply to everyone.

I’ll be bold enough to say, what we call food…if you want to call it that anymore – it is engineered in such a way to be chemically additive. Even if the food or whatever is NOT engineered in such a way – just on its own…it can trigger someone; some people may prefer certain stuff and/or foods/beverages - (stuff that should NOT be encouraged…moderately…especially if it can lead to one’s detriment.


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