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Pro-hormones/bodybuilding supplements

Published: 4/22/15 | Revised: 3/27/19


Technology has opened a digital gateway - especially for young men seeking to purchase & use just about anything to increase muscle mass / reduce body fat…but at what cost?

A decent % of young men (18 and up) are experiencing side-effects…stemming from: bodybuilding supplements / testosterone stimulator/s (ergogenics).

What to consider? 

1) Supplements are not regulated by the FDA (however, some companies go through a verification / approval process).

2) Bodybuilding supplements maybe laced w/ heavy metals / stimulants / hormones, and etc.

3) Lab test may show an adulteration in supplements / herbals and etc.

As of 2017, in the USA, pro-hormones are illegal - that, however, doesn't stop individuals from purchasing elsewhere.


Some young men may suffer from irreversible side effects:

- erectile dysfunction,

- poor sexual performance,

- hair loss and etc. 

Who to blame?

Online, anyone can market them-self as a fitness guru / bodybuilder – claim whatever status (provide personal opinions which seems to get far more attention than facts).

Example: YouTube bodybuilders / internet models may receive compensation to provide video reviews (emphasizing, and possibly, exaggerating benefits of fill in the blank)…while failing to provide scientific evidence).

Furthermore, CEO/s of supplement companies use the same platform. 


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