Why am I failing to make progress?

I experimented w/ diet/exercise plans before it became a trend to do so. Since 2006, I used my website to document phases in length of 2-6 months. 

I learned (wrong/right) ways — trial and error.

What barrier halts one’s progress?
The individual and people act as a barrier — example: social media and inaccurate info….or a set of (recommendations) not applying to the individual; I see people (copying w/out knowing how/why. Example: natural (or non-steroid users) copying bodybuilders (steroid users). In most cases, a non-steroid user will not have the same bio-chemistry (so, diet/training/etc has to be personalized for that very purpose). It may sound easy to understand and do — it’s not.


Can I design my own plans?
I cannot answer, and I don’t know you. From experience, I’ve seen many try and fail. Again, it’s trial and error. I believe…it requires time to learn how things work. Nowadays, people use social media as a credible source and that’s not always wise.


Should I consult a registered dietitian to make fitness plans?
Don’t judge solely on a title because everyone seems to have one – examine experience and education! A credential doesn’t always qualify a person. I meet many who consult whoever for whatever reason (and outcomes are poor). A degree does not guarantee someone will be good at whatever chosen field. 


How do you document progress when on a plan?
I document w/ photos & videos.


Are you nude in pics and vids?
Images are raw footage (minor to no editing) and may contain nudity. Please, exit – if you find any of the following offensive.