Make your online presence with your own design. Since 2002,  I've been active as a graphic designer. I started by: shooting, editing, and publishing my own material - that includes: graphics, photography, video/audio files. Since 2006, I registered a domain name, created, and maintained my own personal website. Are you looking to make that happen? Let's shoot, edit, and publish.  

shoot, edit, and publish 


Shoot material and/or brainstorm ideas. Consider the term multimedia: content that uses a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content. 


Edit your work. Whatever option you choose: I send drafts as it is important to see and critique. Therefore, if possible,  I edit (to meet whatever expectation/standard). 


Publish your material

to the WWW. 

I need help with....

  • Graphic design

  • Web development

  • Platform consultation

  • Video & audio editing

  • Social media marketing


Make your online presence

ASK yourself the following questions...


Are you political?

Do you speak your mind?

Are you an artist?

Solely use social media?

Did you know social media is deleting and/or censoring material deemed offensive?  

Solution: control your media through your website!

  • Choosing a web host

  • Registering a domain name

  • Moving my website

  • Graphic work for my website

  • Maintaining my website

  • Logo design

  • Re-editing my logo

  • Minor photo-editing 

Carlos, Singer 

Working with Nicholas on my website has been phenomenal. He is an extremely talented web designer who expanded on my own ideas to create something even better. With his talents and skills I was able to have a central location for all my music and constant. I am very grateful for that!

Omega, Activist 

Once I began my organization, I knew that a website would be in the making. I racked my brain about ideas to what it would look like, how to get my own domain, and how to arrange the information. I was lucky enough to find Niko. I gave him the information that I wanted on my website and it’s like he could read my mind when it came down to the visual presentation.

Kin, Artist

Recently, I had the good fortune to work more directly with Nicholas D Clemente when I sought him out to create my crafting group’s website banner. I choose Nicholas because I am immensely pleased with his high skill level, his methodical yet flexible approach and his calming demeanor.